Take a look at the top wedding cake trends

There’s nothing sweeter than love and the amazing feelings it can wake up in a human being. This is maybe one of the main reasons why the wedding cake is always a huge part of the Big Day – and it may also be why you really want this cake to be really perfect too.

What are some of the top wedding cake trends to steal some inspiration from? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Metallic colors. They have been extremely popular throughout the entire 2016, and they will continue to be a top-favorite for brides and grooms. The best part about metallic-colored cakes? You can make them as classy or as avant-garde as you want them! Keep things simple with little “ribbons” of a metallic color at the bottom of each cake, or, if you want to make things even more interesting, add a few geometrical shapes on a white cake, using metallic paint colors.
  • Delicious and really versatile, buttercream has slowly crawled its way back into our top preferences. What is there not to love about it? Creamy, sweet and more than beautiful, buttercream also works fantastically well with another big cake trend of the year: ruffles.
  • If you want a wedding cake that’s beautiful, unique and actually meaningful, a naked cake will be absolutely perfect for you. Without any kind of frosting, but covered in deliciously fresh fruit and/or flowers, your naked cake will be really amazing.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ valkyrieh116