Top trends to creating a wedding guest book

Your wedding guest book should be a reflection of your wedding – and, ultimately, it should be a reflection of what you believe in as a couple. Considering modern weddings offer plenty of room for creative ideas, you will definitely want to make your guest book be the most unique one your guests have ever seen.

How do you do that? What are the top trends to creating a wedding guest book? Read on and find your inspiration.


  • You can very well choose to keep it traditional, but with a twist. A pretty guest book will always look beautiful to the eye – and if you match it to the theme of your wedding and to the colors you have chosen for the décor, it can look really amazing too. Furthermore, you can also stick to the traditional guest book design, but opt for small personalization marks – such as a meaningful quote engraved on the first page, or even your wedding monogram printed on every page of the book.
  • Likewise, you can do it yourself too. If you are tired to see traditional guest books, opt for cards or stickers instead. They will allow you to be even more creative, as you can have them in cute or meaningful shapes – and you can also stick them on unique collages and displays too. For instance, if you are an eco-conscious couple, you can create a cardboard tree and have your guests stick small “leaves” on it.
  • Double your photo booth’s meaningfulness. Renting a photo booth for the wedding can be really fun – but beyond that, you might also want to encourage guests to sign on their photos and leave them in a special album. Also, you may want to have them write their wishes on a blackboard they use as a photo booth prop – and this will add an even more personal touch to the entire wedding day.

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Photo source:  johnhope14