Gorgeous styles for your wedding reception tables

Your wedding reception tables should be more than beautiful – they should be filled with personality, uniqueness and style. After all, these tables are where your guests will spend a large part of the wedding reception, so you definitely want to leave a good impression to everyone attending the Big Day.

What are the latest trends in wedding reception table décor? We have some fantastic ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


• Ultra-minimal. Are you a modern bride and searching for a contemporary way of decorating your wedding tables? Focus on a very white, very clean table setting and place a small sprig of lavender on top of each plate arrangement. It will work like magic against the simple, but elegant backdrop of the entire table!

• Mossy. Want to add a dash of uniqueness and to welcome nature into your wedding? Create a beautiful moss table runner and fill it with wild flowers, greenery and other rustic-chic or boho elements. People will simply love the idea!

• High style. Tall wedding centerpieces have always been considered to be extremely elegant – but what if you don’t want to fill them with traditional peonies or large-headed blooms? Well, lush bouquets with Gypsophila and a few white roses can look genuinely spectacular!

• Fishbowl. Searching for a simple, elegant and timeless way to decorate your wedding tables? Fishbowl centerpieces are still classy and stylish, especially when paired with wooden logs, lots of greenery and pretty wild blooms.

Searching for a wedding venue that speaks about uniqueness and style? Come visit Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise! With our venue booked on your wedding day, it is guaranteed that you will have a truly fantastic time celebrating your love! Your guests will never forget the amazing event you planned!

Photo source: flickr.com/ unsals


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