Should you wear your hair up or down on your wedding day? Most sources point to down, here is why:

Your wedding day is special from every single point of view and, as the Queen of this day, you will want to look perfect. Aside from your wedding gown, accessories and bouquet, your hair can play a very important role in making you feel drop-dead-gorgeous. Many of you may ask yourselves whether wearing your hair up would be better than letting it down for the Big Day, but the truth is that most of the sources point out the exact opposite. Why should you wear your hair down instead of up? Here are some of the things you will want to know about this:


  • Up do’s are sometimes recommended because they are more rigorous and they are generally considered to be more suitable for formal/elegant events. However, keep in mind the fact that up do’s are not for everyone and that such a hairstyle may not look as great on you as you would like to. If you actually want an up do, make sure you try it on first and see how it looks with the gown and makeup – this way, you will get a clearer idea on whether or not it is a better choice for you.
  • Letting your hair down is sexier and much more feminine. There are a lot of hairstyles that involve letting the hair down – and they all look glamorous, beautiful and really elegant. From large, vintage curls to sleek, modern hairstyles, there are many options to choose from – so that every bride feels like she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • If comfort is your main concern, keep in mind that a medium-length hairstyle with your hair down will actually be very comfortable. Even more than that, if you have very long hair, you can always choose to pull it away from the face with beautiful hair accessories so that you feel comfortable with your hairstyle throughout the entire day.

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Brides-maidzillas do exist! Here are some tips on how to handle it:

We have all grown familiar with the term “bridezilla” – a bride who has simply cracked under the pressure of wedding planning. However, what you might want to know is that bride-maidzillas are real too. Just as you, as a bride, can crack under the pressure at any point throughout the wedding planning process, your bridesmaids can feel anxious and stressed out too. How do you deal with a “bride-maidzilla”? Here are some tips to help you handle things as smoothly as possible:


  • Be open. Seriously, you are adults and you should behave like people who can shoulder the responsibility for your choices and actions. In other words, if you really want your bridesmaids to wear a certain color or if you really need their help with something, be open about it and tell them that this is your wedding and that you want it to be perfect.
  • Be a good friend. All of your bridesmaids understand that you are going through a lot right now – but you should understand the same thing about them too. After all, a lot of them help you with some of the most important things in your wedding – and that’s not an easy task any way you look at it.
  • “Use” your Maid of Honor. If you know that there will be a lot of questions and “quarrels”, ask your bridesmaids to take it to the Maid of Honor first. Most likely, she knows you best and she will know how to “relay” whatever messages your other friends might have. This way, you can focus on the other details of your wedding while dealing with your bridesmaids’ issues as well.

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Are you thinking of having a modern wedding? Then check out this color scheme that is sure to please:

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect from every single point of view. Choosing a color scheme is, of course, one of the most important steps in making sure everything is well “tied-up” together. If you want a modern wedding, blue and green will surely make for a great color palette. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate this into your wedding:


  • Icy blue bridesmaids’ dresses. Choose knee-length bridesmaids’ dresses designs they will be able to wear again. If they don’t like the color, they can always dye the dress black after the Big Day so that they can wear the beautiful dress on other occasions too.
  • A modern blue and green cake with geometric designs. Go for a white fondant-covered cake decorated with geometric shapes and your guests will be more than impressed. If you don’t want a traditional tiered cake, cupcakes are a great choice too – and they can be decorated in fun ways as well!
  • Create beautiful, modern-looking wedding invitations in green and blue. Whatever design you choose for the invitations, try to avoid the already traditional “calligraphic handwriting” style. Instead, go for bold, clear letters and for a stylized design that is inspired from the 21st century architecture.
  • Green and blue rock candy. The greatest quality of rock candy is its fabulous contemporary look. Serve your rock candies with a signature cocktail (in blue or green, of course) and the party will be truly unforgettable!

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“Will you marry me” is the big question, but how will you go about asking it? Here are some ideas:

Of all the questions you will ask in your life, none is more important than the “Will you marry me” one. If you are like most of the people out there, you will want this moment to be truly unique and magic. We have gathered some amazing ideas to inspire your proposal, so make sure to read on!


  • Visit the place where you met the first time. If that is possible, visit the place where you met him/her the first time. Ask someone around you to take a picture of the two of you; instead of posing though, get to one knee and propose. This is a very good way of making sure that the moment is “preserved” forever.
  • Do you and your loved one have a special show you would like to attend (or even a special movie)? Talk to the manager of the location before the event and ask him/her if he/she would allow you to get on stage and propose to your love. Believe it or not, a lot of the managers out there would be more than happy to be part of this beautiful surprise!
  • Write the big question on household items. You can use flower pots, water bottles or even simple refrigerator magnets. This is a really cute and romantic idea, especially if you know your lady is not expecting anything “glamorous”.
  • Go to a karaoke show with your loved one and sing “your song”. At the end of the song, get to one knee and propose to her in front of all those people! She will be more than surprised!

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Has it always been a dream to get married in the snow? Here are some ways to accomplish an outdoor wedding in the snow

There’s something magic about winter that makes a lot of brides want to set their wedding date now. Even more than that, there may be a lot of brides and grooms who have always wanted to get married in the snow – and this would indeed be a really romantic idea.


How do you do it, though? How do you get married in the snow and make sure everything flows smoothly? Here are some of the things you should know:

  • If you choose to have an outdoor ceremony in the snow, make sure you will make it as short as possible. You might like the cold, but you don’t want to keep your guests out in the chilly weather for too long. 15-20 minutes is more than enough for a wedding ceremony and it will give you plenty of time to say your vows too.
  • Make sure there will be Unfortunately, we cannot plan weather – and this means that you cannot actually foresee if there will be snow on your wedding day. One of the ways you can make sure that there will be enough snow surrounding you is by planning a destination wedding at altitude, somewhere up in the mountains where winters always bring snow.
  • Dress properly. Choose a dress made with a heavier fabric and, if you feel the need to, wear something on top as well (a white cape, for example). The ceremony may not last for long, but even so, freezing out there in the middle of the winter with a strapless dress on does not sound like a very comfortable idea.

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Get away from the Winter weather with these top five warm honeymoon destinations

No matter how much you like winter, the idea of a warm honeymoon destination definitely appeals to you. And yet, the world is sprinkled with fabulous places where the days are sunny and the blue skies are endless! How do you pick the right honeymoon destination? Here are some great suggestions for your first days as married couple:


  • Bora Bora – Now, this feels like a true piece of Heaven brought here for mortals to enjoy the best mother nature has to give! Imagine you and your special someone spending time in one of those houses built just above the clearest sea you have ever seen and you will understand why Bora Bora makes for such a wonderful honeymoon destination!
  • Philippines – If you want to get a taste of the Asian culture without going too “extreme”, the Philippines are what you are looking for. These isles are very rich in excellent foods and any of the travel spots here will definitely feel like a dream come true.
  • Hawaii – You don’t necessarily have to look very far for the perfect beach honeymoon. Hawaii is relatively close to most of the other states in America and it will definitely make for a honeymoon torn out of the movies.
  • Australia – While everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is freezing, Aussies have fun at the beach. Join them and have a honeymoon full of excitement and fun: snorkeling, scuba-diving and even extreme water sports are all waiting for you on the splendid Australian beaches.
  • Miami – Again, you don’t have to look at the other end of the planet to find a really luxurious travel spot that can make for a wonderful honeymoon. Miami has its good share of honeymoon attractions – plus, it’s a big city so there will be plenty of shopping and visiting to do too!

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Buying a wedding dress online is a scary idea, here are some tips to make your online shopping easier:

A bride’s wedding gown is one of the most important parts of her wedding. Since the Internet shopping has become extremely popular, a lot of brides-to-be are considering the idea of buying their gowns online.

On the one hand, this comes with lots of advantages. One of them includes the fact that even if you live in a remote area, you can still gain access to the world’s most important wedding gown designers. Another benefit is related to the fact that many online wedding gown shops offer great discounts that help brides save a lot of money.

Joe & Jesse's Wedding

On the other hand though, buying the most important dress of your life from an online store is quite scary. If you want to make the most of this experience, try following these tips:

  • Only buy from reputable online shops. Try to stay clear of unknown stores and of stores that sell their “designer dresses” at prices that are much lower than anything out there. You might end up with a dress that looks nothing like what you have ordered or, even worse, with no dress at all.
  • Measure yourself correctly. Don’t “judge” a dress by the usual dress size you wear. Buy it only when you know for sure that your measurements fit into the dress (or at least when you know that the differences are adjustable).
  • Keep in mind that your dress is likely to look a bit different from what you see online – there might be differences in the way the fabric looks and some minor differences in the design as well. Be prepared for this sort of thing and know what you are “getting yourself into” – so that you don’t feel disappointed afterwards.

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Traditionally, the father of the bride will walk her down the aisle. However, there are other options of who could walk the bride down the aisle

Weddings are very frequently shrouded in tradition and superstition – and it can be quite easy to get “entangled” in them. One of the most common wedding customs is that of the father walking the bride down the aisle to her future husband. The symbolism behind this custom is beautiful and graceful (the father “giving away” his little girl to another man who will take care from now on).


  • However, life doesn’t always “play by the book”. There are quite a lot of brides who do not want to (or cannot) be walked down the aisle by their fathers. There are many reasons for this: their fathers may not be with them any longer or they may have had a bad relationship with them. Whatever reason you may have, if you are one of these brides, rest assured that there are other options when it comes to being walked down the aisle. Here are some of the most popular ones:
  • Your brother or your cousin. If you have a brother or a cousin who has always been close to you, he can be the one walking you down the aisle.
  • Your uncle. Again, some brides choose to be walked down the aisle by their favorite uncles – and that’s perfectly fine!
  • Your mother. These days, traditions are “twisted” according to each and every person’s story. Your mother, your aunt or a sister can walk you down the aisle as well.
  • Even more than that, there are even religions/traditions where both of the parents walk their daughter down the aisle!

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Long distance weddings are tough, here are some ideas to help organize it

Many people don’t believe in long distance relationships, but the truth is that they can be just as strong as a “no distance” relationship as well. In the end, it’s all about communication and love – and when these things are part of your relationship, they can conquer the miles.


If you are planning on a long distance wedding, you are probably aware of the fact that it will not be easy. In fact, it’s probably the most difficult way to plan a wedding, especially if you cannot visit your significant other very often or if you cannot visit the place where the wedding will take place too soon.

To keep your sanity and to get the wedding your magnificent love story deserves, here are some basic tips to bear in mind:

  • You should know what you want. Sure, it will be difficult to settle on one thing, but make an effort and do it. This way, you will know what to search for and how to organize yourself despite the distance.
  • There are things you can do where you live. Choosing the dress, the jewelry, the wedding invitations and a wide range of other wedding-related things can be managed even if you don’t live where the wedding will take place. However, there are things that will have to be booked from afar – the florist, the hairstylist and so on.
  • Keep your friends and family close and ask them to help you if you need to. If you want someone you trust to make some of the bookings (the limo, the florist, and so on), don’t be afraid to ask your maid of honor or your mother to lend you a hand. They will be delighted to do it!
  • Don’t linger on making decisions, but don’t rush them either. Also, accept the fact that small “errors” may slip in – they do it with non-long distance planning too, so accept them as they are and enjoy the amazingness of this huge moment in your life.

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Wanting to cover up those tattoos for your big day? Here are some creative ways to do so:

A tattoo is the kind of art you keep with you for a lifetime. For many of the ladies out there, their tattoos are really significant for them and for who they are and they will not want to simply remove them for their wedding day. However, if you don’t want your tattoo to show, you should definitely know that there are some ways you can cover it up. Which are the best ones? Here they are:


  • This works best with tattoos on the wrist and on the fingers. With some nice fingers, bracelets and/or watches, you can cover these up in high style – and nobody will actually notice that this is what you wanted to do.
  • Yes, you can use foundation, concealer and powder to cover up some tattoos, especially those found in the area of your neck and shoulders. Keep in mind that tattoo cover up makeup products are different than other makeup products and they will have a higher coverage. However, pay lots of attention to how you do this: you want everything to look uniform and you want to avoid looking like you’ve just covered a small part of your body with makeup.
  • The dress. If nothing works, you can always resort to wearing a gown that covers those areas of the body you chose to embellish with tattoos. For instance, if you have a very large back tattoo (or a small one too), you can avoid wearing a gown that shows the back.

There’s no shame in having a tattoo if you love it. Here at Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise, we believe every bride is unique and beautiful – regardless of whether or not she has a tattoo. The choice to cover it up is yours, in the end, but our splendid party cruise will welcome you nevertheless! Come and have the time of your life with us!

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