A baby bump is something you should be proud of! How to show it off at your wedding? Here are some tips

Being pregnant and getting married are two of the happiest events in a woman’s life – so there’s truly no reason why they shouldn’t happen at once! What are the more delicate things to keep in mind if you are planning a wedding and a baby bump around the same date? Read here and find out more.


  • Picking the wedding date is crucial. It all depends on whether or not you want to show off your baby bump. If you don’t, you will most likely have to plan a wedding on a (very) short notice and you will have to make it a smaller affair. If you are happy to show off your baby bump, you can set your wedding date at any time during the pregnancy. However, the second trimester tends to be the best option because you will have enough freedom of movement then and take benefit of that gorgeous pregnancy glow too!
  • Picking the right wedding dress is equally important. Measure yourself and calculate your future size. A seamstress can help you with this. These days, there are a lot of stunning wedding gown designs perfect for expecting mothers, so you shouldn’t have any kind of issues in finding something you really love.
  • Ask for the help of your friends and relatives. Planning a wedding is difficult even when you are not expecting a baby. But when you add both of these events on top of each other, it’s understandably more difficult. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help of your bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law and anyone else who is willing to help!

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3 wedding trends you will definitely fall in love with

Wedding trends may come and go – but the truth is that they can always be an amazing inspiration for a bride-to-be who wants her Big Day to be flawless. What are some of the most beloved wedding trends of the moment? We have gathered 3 of the most popular ones – so read on if you want to find out more:


  • Raw diamonds. Accessorize your wedding bands with raw diamonds if you want an earthy, natural, hippy feel to the rings that will tie the knot. Raw diamonds are shiny and spectacular, but they look much more natural than the traditional white ones – not to mention they will add a touch of complete uniqueness to your entire wedding.
  • Allowing some “unprofessional” photos to slip in. The story of the bride who took her wedding photos herself circled the Internet and made her famous. While you may not be a professional photographer and while you may not be able to pull off the same kind of photos throughout the entire wedding, it is still worth considering the option of having at least a couple of really natural, self-made photos (such as the one before you go finally go to sleep on your wedding day, for example).
  • Fall flowers. With autumn fully installed in our parks (and in our souls), it is no wonder brides are falling in love with fall flowers and their magic. There are oh-so-many combinations you can look into that it will be almost impossible not to find something that really suits you and your particular wedding style!

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3 tips to remember when creating your wedding website

Having a wedding website is a great idea, especially if you plan on having a modern wedding. How difficult is it to create such a website, though? Even more, what other things should you keep in mind about it? We have gathered 3 of the most important tips you should remember about your wedding website and its creation – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • It’s much easier to create it than most people believe. There are a lot of website building services where you don’t even have to have any kind of coding skills. Basically, you will be able to create a website in almost no time and for a very low price as well – and trust us when we say that you can create something truly unique and beautiful!
  • You can use it for a lot of things. Aside from posting engagement photos and letting your guests know all the details related to the Big Day , your wedding website can be used for a lot of things – including wedding registry details. While it is not proper to add registry details on the wedding invitations, it is perfectly acceptable that you add them to your wedding website.
  • You can also use it as a way to keep your guests curious. Use your wedding website to provide your guests with short “sneak peeks” into the wedding. Also, you can use your website to add personal touches to the upcoming Big Day and to entertain your guests as well.

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Planning your engagement party? Here are some unique, unconventional ideas you will truly love:

Planning a wedding is always difficult – but truth be told, planning the engagement party can sometimes be almost as difficult as the Big Day itself. How to make your engagement party unforgettably unique? Here are some unconventional ideas to inspire you:


  • Garden party. This is a great idea if you want your engagement party to be both memorable and budget-friendly too. As long as you have plenty of space in your garden and as long as you can rent some tables and chairs, your party is bound to be amazing. Make sure you choose a theme or a color scheme for your garden party and you will definitely be appreciated for your great sense of style!
  • Fancy restaurant. If you can afford spending a bit more on your engagement party, why not take your closest friends and relatives to a luxury restaurant? Considering the fact that this is a great moment in your life and that it is more than worth everyone’s attention, it is perfectly fine that you want to be a bit opulent with this dinner!
  • A dinner cruise. And if you want your engagement party to be truly, truly unique, take into consideration the option of renting a cruise restaurant. Just imagine how gorgeous everything will look as you clink your glasses in the beautiful Ocean sunset! Your engagement is worth all of this!

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Social Media is unavoidable! Here are some DOs and DON’TS you should remember, though:

There’s absolutely no doubt over the fact that the Internet and the Social Media are both here to stay. How do they go with the idea of a wedding, though? What are the DOs and DON’TS of a wedding that incorporates Social Media? Read on and find out more:



  • Live-stream your wedding. If you have the possibility, do not hesitate live-streaming your wedding. There are a hundred-and-one reasons for which guests may not be able to attend your wedding (especially if they live far away) – and live-streaming the Big Day will allow them to be part of your “I Do” just as if they were there.
  • Have a special hashtag. Not only will it be very fun for guests to share photos on Facebook and Instagram by using a hashtag that’s very personal, but it will also help you gather all these photos in one place as well.


  • Don’t complain on Social Media. On the Internet, word flies faster than it has ever been able to – and you don’t know who might hear/read about what you said about them. If you want to complain, make sure you do it privately, with someone you truly trust.
  • Don’t allow your guests to shoot photos throughout the entire Some moments should be special. Make sure your guests are aware of the fact that they shouldn’t shoot photos with their phones during the most important moments of the wedding. That’s your professional photographer’s job, after all.

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Want to have a truly modern wedding? Here are some fabulous ideas to inspire you

These days, most brides and grooms want their weddings to be more modern, rather than traditional. How do you do this, though? How do you keep your wedding both romantic and modern? We have gathered some wonderful ideas to inspire your contemporary wedding – so read on if you need some inspiration:


  • Replace the flower swirls with geometrical shapes on your ceremony aisle. If you want to walk down the aisle on a bed of flower petals, you know this is a truly romantic idea. Bring it into the 21st century with clean lines and geometrical shapes and everything will look absolutely fabulous!
  • Replace the aisle runner with beautiful projections. Thanks to modern technology, you can project gorgeous arabesque designs on your “runner” – so that it looks truly whimsical and glamorous when you are ready to make the first step towards your new life.
  • Go glittery. Who says your wedding dress has to be all white? You can choose to wear just about anything you want to as long as it feels good. For instance, why not combine a glittery top with a gorgeous tulle skirt for a WOW effect?
  • Bring crystals into your centerpieces. If you want your wedding to look as if it was torn out of a modern fairy tale, consider including crystals into your table centerpieces. Regardless of whether they are focused on candles or on flowers, crystals will perfectly complement your centerpieces!

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Is a wedding pantsuit a good idea for you? Here are some ideas you will love:

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important things a bride-to-be will have to do once she starts planning her Big Day. What happens when you don’t want to wear a dress at your wedding, though?


Wedding pantsuits have become extremely popular over the course of the past few years – and if you plan on being a non-traditional bride, they could be an amazing choice for you too. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Classy white. Wearing a classy white pantsuit will be a true fashion statement for all those brides who want to be truly unique. A pair of elegant white pants and a white jacket can really go a long way!
  • Feminine pantsuit. If you don’t want to wear a dress, but you still crave for the feminine look offered by lace, why not go for a beautiful pantsuit designed in a truly feminine way? For instance, you could wear a white overall made with lace and designed in a way that embraces femininity with grace.
  • Classy cut and embroidery. If you want your look to be somewhere in between “timeless elegance” and “gorgeous delicacy”, go for a pantsuit with a very classy cut (think Chanel pantsuits) and opt for a beautifully embroidery for the fabric. Pair everything with a statement wedding veil that will emphasize your natural grace and beauty.

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Will you let your bridesmaids choose their accessories? Here are some tips to remember!

Your wedding is an important event for everyone involved – including your bridesmaids. Thus, you will want them to look at their best – and accessories play a very important role in this. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own accessories is a really great idea. However, keep in mind that you should not do this in a completely random way. Here are some tips to help you with this:


  • Give them some guidelines. Tell them what metals and/or colors they are allowed to wear and make sure to tell them about a certain size they are allowed to wear as well. This way, your bridesmaids will look in tone with the wedding itself, but they will be unique as well.
  • Tell them what kind of jewelry they should focus on. If you think their dresses would look best if they focused on the earrings, make sure to mention this to them. If you think a statement necklace would look much better with their dresses and with the general wedding style, talk about this with them as well.
  • Share some ideas with them. If you feel that this would help, create a Pinterest board and share your ideas with the bridesmaids. This way, they will get a clearer idea of what type of jewelry you want them to wear at your wedding.

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Be a trendy summer bride with these gorgeous bridal jewelry ideas:

Brides are always gorgeous, regardless of when exactly their wedding takes place. Still, if you want to be a stunning summer bride, you should definitely make sure to choose the right accessories. Following, we have gathered some of the most important ideas to inspire you, so read on if you want to find out more.


  • Discrete sparkly studs. You don’t need a lot of accessories to feel truly beautiful on your wedding day. You just need the right ones – those pieces that emphasize your natural beauty. And a pair of small, sparkly studs is perfect if you want to look fresh and elegant at the same time too.
  • Floral statement bracelets. It’s summer, so there’s absolutely no reason not to bring at least a bit of that flowery feeling into your wedding look too. If you want to do this in a subtle, yet really fashionable way, a floral statement bracelet is precisely what you need.
  • Elegant hairpin. Regardless of whether you want to wear a veil on your wedding day, accessorizing your hairstyle with a beautiful pin will add a lot to the entire look. Go for something simple, elegant and yet great-looking (such as a pin with white flowers and pearls) and you will feel amazing wearing it.
  • Sparkly clutch. You must not forget about your emergency kit either – and what other way to store it better than in a stylish, sparkly clutch? Go for a blue-tinted or a blush pink shade if you want to add a pop of color to your bridal look.

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Comfort food is an amazing wedding menu choice! Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Your wedding menu is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your wedding – and not because your guests will be there just to eat, but because good food has the amazing power of making people feel really good.


Despite what some may think, your wedding menu does not have to cost a fortune – and it doesn’t have to be made out of complex, fancy foods either. In fact, most guests will be more than happy with good-looking and amazing-tasting comfort foods too. Here are some great comfort food ideas to inspire your wedding too:

  • Mini cheeseburgers. We all love them. Sinful, unhealthy and yet so comforting for the soul, cheeseburgers are an all-time favorite for people of all ages. Why not serve some mini cheeseburgers at your wedding and bring a smile on your guests’ faces?
  • Tomato soup shots and grilled cheese. Forget about fancy French cheese and serve your guests their favorite snack: grilled cheese. Pair it with tomato soup shots and all of your guests will absolutely love this refreshing, delicious idea.
  • If you want to avoid having a traditional tiered cake for your wedding, doughnuts are a wonderful alternative. Sprinkle them with fun toppings, make a nice arrangement with them and your guests will be delighted with these sweet treats.
  • Ice cream. If you feel the weather outside is too hot for doughnuts, ice cream is a perfect alternative. Provide your guests with a variety of ice cream flavors to choose from and combine and you’ll keep them more than happy!

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