Let the Cherry Blossoms Inspire Your Wedding

What could be better for a spring wedding in Washington DC than a cherry blossom theme? While the Cherry Blossom Festival might have ended last week, you can still use the beauty of the blossoms for your big day.


First off, you’ll want to choose a wedding venue that shows off Washington DC at its best. Whether the cherry blossoms are on show or not, the landmarks of Washington are the basis of a great cherry blossom theme.

Secondly, bring in the blossoms themselves. This can be through your cake’s decorations, your invitation design, and your decor. The pale pink, cream, and brown color scheme can also be an excellent choice for your wedding’s color palette.

For more cherry blossom inspiration, you could incorporate the Japanese influence of the trees. This could be through your menu, decor, or music.

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Start the Day With a Breakfast Wedding

Are you a morning person who just wants to dive into each day? If so, make your wedding reflect your favorite time of day. A breakfast wedding shifts the celebrations to the morning and offers a great alternative to the traditional afternoon or evening wedding.

Morning weddings in Washington DC are particularly beautiful in the spring and summer. In these seasons you can enjoy the gorgeous morning sun and avoid any afternoon heat. They are still possible in the fall and winter, but you might need to start later because of later sunrise times.


For an energizing and fun breakfast wedding, welcome your guests with a beverage. This can be coffee, juice, or a cocktail like a mimosa. You can hold your ceremony first thing, followed by a delicious breakfast or brunch.

As an alternative, you can start your wedding with the meal and have the ceremony after your guests are finished dining. This inverse schedule wedding style is a growing trend that allows you to build up the excitement and anticipation for your nuptials.

One thing that is essential for an amazing morning or breakfast wedding is a great Washington DC wedding venue. Having your breakfast wedding on board Nina’s Dandy can be an excellent choice. You and your guests will love seeing all Washington has to offer as you celebrate your new marriage.

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Benefits of Being a Mature Bride

Being a mature bride certainly does have some advantages. As you’ll probably be paying for your own Washington DC wedding, you have the ultimate control over your big day, something that many younger brides don’t get. Another benefit is flexibility in what you wear.

A mature bride, or bride in a second wedding, is able to wear any number of styles. The traditional gown, in either white or off-white, is still acceptable. Though tradition would dictate that this is only right for younger brides, this is no longer the case. Many mature brides still choose a traditional white wedding dress.

NIKON D700, AF 50mm f/1.4G f/2, 1/1250, ISO 200, 50mm

Others see their age as an opportunity to wear something a bit different, though. Popular choices include pantsuits, skirt suits, and other less formal styles. Many brides find these to be more comfortable options with greater flexibility in style. Wearing a shorter dress with a jacket can be a great option for the mature bride who wants to cover up her arms, for instance.

Another benefit in choosing a wedding dress as a mature bride is that you have more choice of color. Many mature brides choose to wear colors other than white or ivory for their big day. Pastel tones are an excellent choice, but mature brides can also choose to wear a darker color. This can be particularly striking for evening gown styles.

Whatever you wear as a mature bride, one of the other benefits is that you can choose the venue of your dreams. We offer a spectacular Washington DC wedding venue that is truly unique. To find out more, give us a call today!


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Floral Centerpieces for Spring Weddings

One of the most important roles wedding flowers take on during the ceremony is by decorating the tables. If you want your guests to have a great time and avoid awkward small talk with the people next to them, you need to choose the right floral centerpiece. It should not be distracting that they cannot make eye contact. It should be simple, tasteful, and inviting.


Big Peonies in Clear Vases

If you want a colorful table, you should go with different colored peonies. For a more unified and classic look, choose bold monochromatic colors such as white or red. Peonies are a wedding budget’s best friends because they can also double as party favors.

Tall Vases, Foliage, and Stems

The trends in floral centerpieces this spring are vases that tower over the head of guests and use stems and foliage heavily. Walking in to a reception hall with that type of floral welcome can only wow guests. The goal of this floral arrangement is for everyone to feel surrounded with blooms, recreating the fresh feel of spring indoors. Tulips would work in this type of flower arrangement. You can also consider flowering branches such as lilacs.

Rustic Look

Spring weddings are all about color but that does not have to mean frilly extravagance. You can be creative with the flower containers and go for a simple rustic look. It is not always about using clear glasses. Wicker baskets look rustic and effortless but also romantic. Fill it with peonies, ranunculus, tulips, and a touch of green for that home farm feel.

Square Vases and Cut Flowers

Square vases are ideal for wedding table centerpieces. They look luxurious if you fill them with in-season flowers such as daffodils, tulips, or peonies. You can use other spring flowers and try various combinations. The best option to achieve a formal wedding centerpiece would be to stick with single hues.

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Getting the Help of Others in Choosing a Wedding Dress

Working as a consultant at a bridal shop has to be one of the most challenging professions out there. You have to grin and bear it more than most. It could also be rewarding since working with wedding dresses is mostly a dream come true. The consultant is the one that truly helps the bride in finding the right wedding dress. This is just one of the reasons brides should work with and put their trust in the consultant.


The consultant acts according to the bride’s interests

Another reason a bride should trust the opinion of consultants is that they know wedding dresses like none other. Consultants can distinguish what your body shape is and know the type of silhouette that will flatter you. If the entourage you bring strong affects your decision, you can always rely on the opinion of the consultant because it is their job to find the right dress.

The consultant knows what you are looking for

During a consultation, a bride needs to bring some pictures of a wedding dress or ideas of the style she wants. Most brides know the type of silhouette, neckline, and bodice they want to see on a dress. Others just give general ideas. If you want an elegant, princess type of wedding dress, the consultant can right away tell that you might refer to a ball gown or A-line. It is as if they are psychic, which is convenient.

The consultant can sometimes act as emotional support

Even if you try on wedding dresses alone without bringing an entourage, the consultant would be your cheerleader. Moreover, most consultants are patient with the bride shopping for a wedding dress. Though it is part of the job description, it is reassuring to know that someone will stick with you until you find that wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful.

Once you’ve found the perfect wedding dress, make sure you give your consultant a treat for helping you out! Especially if you’ve already finished planning your big day, you can treat all your friends and family members who helped you by taking them out to a dinner cruise. Call us today for more information!

Saying ‘No’ to the Family Dress

There’s no other feeling that can compare to getting engaged. This is why bride-to-bes want to look their best during their wedding day. One way they can do this is to find the wedding dress that they will want to wear. If you are in the same position as this, you will be excited for the day that you will get to wear your wedding dress.

IMG_6236Unfortunately, there are some women who have mothers that want them to wear the dress they also wore on their big day. if you find that this is something you would opt out of, you will be pleased to know that you can say no to the family dress—especially if you have already found one that you have fallen in love with.

In order to say no to the family dress, you will have to tell your mom what your decision is. However, you have to see to it that you do it softly and while still thinking of her own reaction. Even though she will be hurt with your decision, you have to stay firm and remember that it is your wedding day.

The best way you can tell your mom that you have opted for another dress is to take her someplace nice to talk and where you can be alone. Remember to let her know that you love her and want to see her happy. As an adult, you have to be direct with her and give her your decision. To do this without hurting her feelings, you will have to explain your side to her. If you can, show her the wedding dress that you already chose. Chances are, she will love it too!

There’s no denying the fact that your mom may be a bit hurt that you decided to go with a different dress for your wedding day. But once she knows what your decision is, she will learn to respect that—after all, you’re already an adult.

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Superstitions You Need to Know About Your Wedding Dress

For anyone getting married, there is always a series of wedding superstitions that they need to be aware of. There are so plenty of them that they have even turned into a tradition. While some people choose to do as they please, there are others that religiously obey these traditions/superstitions that for the fear that they’re marriage won’t last if they decide not to. And since everyone wants to be married to the person they love, it is only natural that they will want to do whatever they can to make their wedding a success; even if that meant following the craziest superstition they have heard.


Whether or not you decide to avoid these superstitions, the decision is entirely up to you. However, knowing what these commonly discussed superstitions can be of a benefit that may guide you when the discussion arises. Here are some of the common wedding superstitions you need to know about your wedding dress:

Your wedding dress plays an immensely important role to your wedding. This is why you have to see to it that you pick out a dress that you will look your best in. At the same time, there is an age old poem that turned itself into a superstition with regards to the dress you wear: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” If you choose to follow this poem, it means that you should wear these four items along with your dress.

Other superstitions pertaining to your wedding dress include the following:

  • Finding a spider on your gown on your wedding day is a sign of good luck
  • A sugar cube tucked into your glove will sweeten your marriage
  • Wearing a veil disguises the bride and helps her hide from evil spirits who were jealous of happy people
  • If you choose to make your own wedding dress, you will cry a tear for every stitch you sew
  • If a cat eats out of your left shoe a week before your wedding, your marriage will be blessed with good luck
  • Wearing a white wedding gown wards off evil spirits
  • Avoid satin or velvet material on the dress as these brings bad luck and poverty, respectively

Which of these wedding dress superstitions are you following? Let us know in the comments below!

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Planning and Creating Your Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is not just considered a focal point in a reception; it’s an art piece that is crafted with love and ingenuity. Each cake designer or pastry chef brainstorms with couples to explore theme ideas until an inspiration ultimately defines the perfect centerpiece to the wedding. The question is, “How do I plan to create my cake?”


There are specific questions that the couple must ask themselves; the answers will be the designer’s basis once the planning ends and the creation begins.

How many guests do I need to serve?

Let’s admit it. Some weddings are intimate with a small number of people while others are grand and big. The number of guests also indicates the size of the cake. For large crowds, a cake with plenty of tiers is ideal. You can serve a big portion per table, and the guests will share it among the group.

On the other hand, try going for a standard two-tiered cake and have cupcakes or mini-cakes made for distribution to majority of the guests. It is well portioned for each guest and will cost less.

What flavors would I like on each tier?

You have the option of choosing different flavors, as this is no longer unusual today. Most professionals though would tip that the cake you cut into as a tradition must be light in color. This is to avoid having dark marks on your teeth for the photo ops.

Back to the flavors, ask about flavor suggestions from your cake maker. If you have a favorite, know which ones go well together in most wedding set-ups. This will also give the guests more options, thus ensuring that most will be happy with the variety. Chocolate, raspberry, cheesecake, carrot, buttercream, you name it. But try to survey for flavors that generally appeals to a broad range of tastes.

How would my cake go along with my wedding’s theme?

Most couples would prefer than the cake design is patterned to the overall theme. This makes for a more cohesive look and appeal. A cake maker will have an easier time conceptualizing your piece once you have peg ideas to present.

It’s all about the details, and you must define your theme’s design aesthetic. Is your wedding naturally elegant with a fresh and timeless ambiance? Do you have a rustic vintage that gives off that homey, down to earth appeal? How about a romantic theme with a tinge of enchantment? Or is it a highly modern with the contemporary twist?

All these themes are wonderful to explore. Just take the time to talk with your cake maker to come up with a well made centerpiece that is just as delicious as it looks!

Choose your cake carefully. Celebrate your wedding with us! We’ll be glad to give you the assistance that you need. Call us today for more information!

What to Do About Tattoos on Your Wedding Day

Tattoos, like marriages, are designed to last forever. But contrary to the notion that it is permanent, it is important for brides to conceal their tattoos as much as possible; especially on their wedding day. Despite the fact that there are already plenty of women who wear tattoos, it is still considered as something out of the ordinary. For this reason, there are plenty of bride-to-bes who look for ways they can hide their tattoos on the most important day of their lives: their wedding day. If this is something that you are wondering, you can use these tips to help you:

John & Rachel (27 of 73)

Hide the Tattoo

If possible, look for a dress that will hide the body part with the tattoo. This is the easiest and most reliable way you can hide your tattoo during your wedding. If your tattoo is on your wrist, you may cover it with some accessories instead.


Nowadays, there are tattoo cover makeup being sold in the market. You can think of a product similar to foundation where you can conceal your tattoo without having to resort to clothes that are uncomfortable to wear. At the same time you can still manage to wear something sexy without having to worry about your tattoo being seen by the public.

Wear It Proud

If there is no issue with your fiance’s parents about you having a tattoo, you can wear your tattoo proudly. Show it off with your wedding dress because really, what’s the point of hiding it when it’s permanent? It’s bound to be seen someday, why not on your wedding day? Just make sure that his parents are not too conservative about tattoos or at least get him to open up to his parents about your tattoos. This way, they will accept you for your choice of body art.

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How to Say NO to the Family Wedding Dress

As a wedding venue in DC we have seen so many weddings and happy brides.  We’ve also seen some sad brides.  Usually these sad brides are the ones that aren’t having the wedding of their dreams.  They love the venue and flowers but they hate their wedding dress.  Why would they hate their wedding dress?  One bride stated that it was because it was less than exciting for her to wear a gown passed along from generation to generation.  But she didn’t want to hurt her Mom’s feelings so she wore it anyways.

dandy restaurant cruises

Although that’s a very kind gesture, we don’t recommend compromising on the most important elements of your wedding.  This is your day and you should have it your way.  Yes, take into consideration others feelings and wants but make sure to stick to your guns sometimes.

So how can you nicely tell your Mom that you don’t want to wear the “family wedding gown?”  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Take her out to dinner or somewhere nice to break the news.  At least then she’ll feel like you cared enough to treat her to something special.
  2. Choose your words carefully.  You know your Mom better than anyone else does.  Make sure to up build her first and remind her how important she is to you.  That will make the blow easier for her to take.
  3. Start the conversation with a smile.  She’ll know something’s up right away and may ask you what’s wrong.  Grab her hand and say “I love you.”  Then ask how important it is to her that you wear the gown.  She may get the hint that you’re unhappy and let you off the hook herself.
  4. Ask her if she could change something about her wedding, what would it be?  More than likely she’ll say that she wishes she had it her way and not someone else’s vision.  That opens up the door for you to tell her that you feel the same way.

Telling your Mom that you don’t want to wear her wedding dress may break her heart.  But she loves you and wants you to be happy.  Think ahead to when you have a daughter getting married..wouldn’t you want her to have it her way as well?  Your Mom will too!

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