Is a Multiple Dress Change Necessary for Your Big Day?

Picking that one perfect wedding gown can be a troublesome thing, especially when there are so many options out there! Many brides these days choose to buy two or even three dresses for their big day – and that’s understandable, especially under certain circumstances. If your budget allows it, check out with the following common reasons for which many brides settle for more than one wedding dress.


  • They can’t decide. We all know just how stunning wedding dresses look. Why would you have to settle on one only? If you really want to change your dress, there’s nobody to stop you from doing it!
  • They are having a summer wedding and they are afraid that the heat will ruin their first dress. This is especially true for those brides who are having their ceremony on a very sunny location.
  • They want to have a backup dress in case wine or food is spilled on the “original” one. Instead of simply going about your day as if nothing happened, why not simply change into something else?
  • They want a big and puffy ball gown for the ceremony and a more comfortable dress for the reception. This way, they can feel like princesses and dance freely as well.
  • They want dresses of different colors. Nowadays, there are many brides who wish to be dressed in something else than white for their big day. Going for a white gown for the ceremony and for a colored one for the reception can help them “make the most of both worlds”.

Regardless of what you choose, Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise will be there for you. Our elegant and unique party cruise ship is ready for  your big day! All you have to do is book it and enjoy your wedding!

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Decorating tips to accompany your winter wedding theme

For those of you who love the magic of winter, having your wedding in this season comes as a completely natural choice. Winter weddings can be extremely elegant and beautiful and, if you make sure to decorate the venue according to the season outside, they can be really unique as well.


We have gathered some of the very best tips on how t decorate a winter wedding, so that your job is at least a bit easier when it comes to this. Read on and find out more!

  • Which are the colors that will always make you think of winter? Christmas tree green, red cranberries, silver, purple and plum, black, white, dusty blue, deep navy blue and gold are all colors we do associate with winter and with its holidays. You can bring these into your wedding as well – and all it will take will be a bit of imagination!
  • Your table center pieces don’t have to be made of flowers only (or at least not just flowers). Twigs painted in silver, Christmas tree branches, mistletoe – all these things can make for wonderful center pieces that really go well with the season outside.
  • If you are having a Christmas wedding, make sure to decorate everything according to this holiday. You can even have a fully decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath (your wedding favors for the guests, for example).
  • New Year’s weddings are also quite popular out there, and if you are settling for this date, make sure to bring in some Happy New Year decorations as well.

Use your imagination and your winter wedding will be torn out of fairy tales! Here at Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise, we can provide you with a place for your magical wedding day regardless of the season. Even more than that, we will be genuinely happy to be part of this important day of your life!

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Download these wedding apps to help out your planning!

Weddings are really important in people’s lives, so there’s really no wonder then that many couples choose to go a very long way when it comes to making this day very special for them and for the people they invite at their wedding as well.


However, a wedding is definitely not an easy thing to plan out, especially if you are bound on making sure that everything’s perfect. And while weddings are generally quite traditional, there should be absolutely nothing in the world to stop you from making good use of the technology available out there as well. The following apps will definitely help you make the entire wedding planning process much easier, so make sure to give them a try:

  • Evernote. Forget about the endless number of sheets of paper lying around your house and go “green” when it comes to your wedding plans. Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps on the market. It is free, it will allow you to sync the notes with other people as well and it will also provide you with the necessary tools to make sure that your notes are properly organized as well.
  • Mint. If you don’t want to exceed your budget, this is the app to have. Download it and make sure to keep it up to date so that you can track your spending for the big day!
  • LiveLens. You will want everyone dear to you to be there on your wedding day, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. LiveLens will allow you to stream your wedding to those living too far. Although this is not exactly a wedding planning app, it will definitely be a more than nice addition if you find yourself in this situation.

Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise can provide you with an excellent option when it comes to your wedding venue. With or without apps, you will be able to plan a dream wedding on our wonderful cruise ship – and that’s definitely something every single guest will remember for many years to come!

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Wedding buffet or sit-down menu? Weigh your options!

You have been planning for this moment ever since you were 5. You thought about what wedding dress you will want, about how your bouquet will look and about the colors your wedding will be centered around.


But did you think about how will you serve food to your guests? The two main options you have are going for a wedding buffet or for a sit-down menu. Which one to pick? Here are some of the things you should keep in mind if you want to make the most suitable choice:

  • Going for a wedding buffet is a great option if you want to serve more types of food and if you want to make sure every guest will have a taste of what they like.
  • Also, if you know some of your wedding guests may have different dietary choices (such as being vegan or gluten-free), a buffet will be a good choice that will allow them to pick only the foods they want to eat.
  • Sit-down menus are great for weddings that are really elegant and classy. If you want to spoil your guests with a truly stylish treatment, this is the way to do it!
  • However, if your budget is tighter and if you want to avoid having to pay for too many waiters, a buffet will be a more suitable choice.
  • Buffets can look really elegant and beautiful as well and they don’t have to look like a table filled with several plates full of food. If you ask your caterers, they could come up with some really nice arrangements too.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget the fact that Nina’s Dandy Potmomac Party Cruise can provide you with a unique setting for your wedding! Regardless of your food choice, we’ll be there to make this day magical for you so do not hesitate to contact us!

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Top Five Destination Honeymoon Locations

The big day will come and go, but you will also want to make sure that you spend your first days as a married couple somewhere nice. After all the frenzy with the wedding planning-related tasks, you do deserve a nice holiday!


Where to go on your honeymoon though? The world is indeed full of wonderful places, but which ones are the very best and the most romantic ones? Here’s a list of five destination honeymoon locations you will definitely love:

  • If you always wanted to see at least one country in Europe, this is the right time to do it! And what other country can be fuller of romance than bella Italia? There are many amazingly beautiful cities in Italy, but Venice, Rome, Milano and Verona are the most romantic ones and they make for perfect honeymoon destinations.
  • If you want to keep it on the Old Continent but you are more inclined to pick a beach honeymoon destination, go for one of the stunning Greek islands. Excellent service, superb landscapes and romance surrounding you from everywhere – they are all waiting for you in Greece!
  • Keeping it in the US this time, Hawaii is a stunning destination any way you look at it. But when it comes to honeymoons, it is absolutely amazing! Plus, the transportation costs will not be as high, so you can really afford something luxurious and nice!
  • Bora-Bora. If you want something exotic and unique for your honeymoon, Bora-Bora in the French Polynesia is what you are searching for. Amazing scenery and unforgettable memories!
  • Themed parks, sun and fun – if this is what you want for your honeymoon, don’t go much further than Florida. This is perfect for couples who want to be active and to have tons of fun on their honeymoon!

If you are still planning your wedding and the thought of your honeymoon is still among the last ones on the list come check out with Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise. Our venue is perfect for magical moments and we would love your wedding to be like that too!

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How to create the perfect hair-do to accompany your wedding attire

Your wedding gown is one of the most important pieces you have to think of when it comes to the big day. But if you want to really shine, you will also have to think of the hairstyle and accessories that make your attire complete. How to choose the right hair-do according to your wedding attire? Here are some ideas you may want to take into consideration:


  • The décolletage of your wedding gown dictates if the hair should be entirely pulled up, allowed to be half-up and half-down or simply let down completely. Dresses that show your shoulders and your back work very well with hair-down hairstyles, but if you have beautiful shoulders and you want to emphasize on them, you can also go for an up-do.
  • Furthermore, avoid letting your hair down if the dress covers your shoulders and if it does not show too much cleavage because you risk making the area look too “busy”.
  • If you are planning a rustic wedding and/or your dress is covered in lace, a braided hairstyle will look exceptionally good on you for the big day.
  • Vintage weddings go well with hairstyles inspired by the decade in which you want to “set” your wedding day. A 20’s-inspired theme will need a hairstyle from that age (think curls and bob haircuts) and a 60’s-inspired wedding will need a hairstyle with lots of volume.
  • Pay attention to how you choose your hair-piece(s) and/or your veil. None of these are really mandatory, but they can beautify even the simplest hairstyle and they can add glamor, grace and femininity.
  • If you want to save some money, you can do the hair yourself. A simple bun, French-braided hair or simply curling your hair on big hot rollers will look amazing (and even more so if you choose a hair piece to accessorize your hair with). The Internet is full of tutorials – try them out before the big day and settle on that style that fits you and your dress the best.

As for the location of the party, we have the perfect idea for you: Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise. Our cruise ship can be transformed into the utmost elegant and beautiful wedding venue for the most important day of your life and it will definitely make for unforgettable moments!

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Here are some tips for decorating your outdoor wedding

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you will want to decorate the location in a way that makes it feel comfortable and welcoming at the same time. This can be easier than many brides-to-be think and although you will have some decision-making to do, following these basic ideas should help:


  • Is this a simple outdoor wedding or a themed one? If you want to go traditional with this, you can simply choose candles, beautiful flower arrangements and nice tableware too and you will be ready to go.
  • However, if you have your mind set on a particular theme, make sure you get creative with it. For instance, if you want DIY wedding decorations, you can go for Mason jars, wild flower arrangements and other things that make everything seem closer to nature.
  • Burlap is a great choice for table runners and it can look absolutely amazing especially if you are planning a rustic wedding. Combined correctly, it could also make for great table runners for a beach wedding too – but make sure to pair it with fabrics that are airy and light so that they counter-balance each other.
  • Same as with indoor weddings, having a color scheme in your mind will help you make sure that nothing looks too “busy”. Three to four colors are perfect, but if you want to try more, then go ahead and do it. After all, this is your big day and you have the right to choose whatever you like most!
  • Make sure you’ll have proper lightning. Lanterns and candles are great choices for outdoor weddings and the best part about them is that they can be customized and made to be 100% unique.

At Nina’s Dandy, we welcome all kinds of weddings and we will ensure that we provide you with a  space that is versatile and beautiful at the same time – so that you can actually bring in your own ideas too!

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Keep it classy when choosing accessories to accompany your wedding dress

It is a very well-known fact that all brides are beautiful. It may be the fact that they are special, it may be the fact that their bodies release endorphins that make them look stunning. Whatever it is though, you will most likely still feel stressed out when it comes to the choice of your wedding dress and accessories.


Accessorizing your dress the right way will bring some sparkle and some style even to the simplest of the designs. However, you should also make sure that you don’t overdo it either because it can make you look too “busy” and “crammed”, stealing both from the beauty of the accessories and from the beauty of the dress itself. By following the tips described here, you will surely make the right choice:

  • How simple is your dress? If you have a dress that already has a lot of embellishments, you may want to keep it down with the jewelry part. A very delicate necklace, a pair of nice earrings and your wedding veil should be enough if you don’t want to overdo it. Also, keep the necklace and the earrings simple in their design as well.
  • Some brides choose hats to accessorize their wedding dresses. This can be a good choice especially if you have a very simple, long, A-line or mermaid-tailored dress. If you want a wedding inspired by vintage fashion (especially Victorian), a hat can be a nice accessory too.
  • As for the veil itself, you don’t necessarily have to get one. Some brides choose not to have any kind of veil and some choose to have a very small and delicate one – it’s all up to you in the end. However, you should make sure that it fits your dress.

Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise will be there for you however you choose to accessorize your dress. We have the most superb cruise ship available for your magical wedding! Pay us a visit and you will definitely be smitten with the beauty of our location.

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How revealing should your wedding dress be?

Your wedding day is not just any other party you may attend to. It is the one day when every single bride on Earth feels like true royalty and it is the day when the rest of your life begins! Therefore, your wedding dress should be worthy of such a significant event in your life and you should choose it carefully.


Aside from embellishments, fabric and design, you will also have to think of how revealing your wedding dress should be. The truth is that these days there is no actual rule when it comes to this and that you are free to choose whatever you want to when it comes to how much skin your dress will show. However, you may want to take into consideration the following things:

  • If you are going for a very traditional, very formal wedding, a long wedding dress would fit better. It is perfectly fine to show some skin in the upper section (cleavage, shoulders, arms and so on), but it would be better to be “hidden” from your mid-section downwards.
  • If your wedding is less formal, the length of your dress can be shorter too. It is not uncommon that brides choose short wedding dresses, but if you do want this, make sure that the design really fits you.
  • If you want to reveal something of both your upper and your lower body, go for a dress with a decent cleavage (it can show shoulders and back as well) and with a slight slit on the side or in the back part of the gown.
  • When choosing the dress, bring a camera with you. This way, you will be able to tell whether it looks as good in the pictures as it does in real life and you will be able to choose one that reveals just enough skin to make you look gorgeous.

No matter how revealing your dress will be, it will definitely fit perfectly into Potomac Party Cruise’s “floating” wedding venue. Romantic, stunning and luxurious, our cruises are great for weddings and other important events too, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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Forget the cake! Have a dessert bar instead

Aside from the First Dance, there is another great moment that is eagerly awaited by everyone invited: the cake. Everybody loves spectacular wedding cakes and everybody will be awaiting for their own slice of sweet treat, but the truth is that choosing a wedding cake may just be much more difficult than it appears to be.


There are thousands and thousands of variations and, on top of everything, bringing your preferences together with those of your husband’s and with those of everybody invited at the party can feel close to impossible. A dessert bar may be the thing you’ve been searching for and if you are considering the idea, make sure to check with the reasons that will definitely make you settle on it:

  • A dessert bar gives you plenty of room to bring all kinds of cookies and sweets you want to. If you know there will be gluten sensitive, lactose sensitive or vegan people at the party, you can even provide them with something because there are a lot of delicious options that can look as fancy and as stunning as you want them to look!
  • You can really be creative with this. With an arrangement that looks good, nobody will feel that a cake would have been better. You can have the desserts arranged in ways that absolutely fascinating, so there’s really no need to worry about missing out on the “fanciness” behind a classic wedding cake.
  • No more fighting with your mother, mother-in-law and husband-to-be on what the cake should be filled with! Now everyone can have it their way!
  • A dessert bar is still a more original idea than wedding cakes and it can really surprise your guests.

Regardless of your dessert choice, we can accommodate your wedding party on a stunning cruise ship to suit this very important moment in your life. Allow you and your guests to flow on the clean and silent waters while you are having the time of your life!

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