Don’t be the victim of these wedding gift myths!

Although you may not be planning a wedding just for the sole purpose of receiving gifts, the truth is that even this can turn into a source of stress if you don’t know exactly how to handle the entire wedding registry “affair”.


What are some of the most common wedding gift registry myths you should avoid? Read on and find out more.

  • It’s not OK to have a wedding registry at more than one store. You might be tempted to believe that etiquette rules dictate that you have one wedding registry at one However, this is not actually true in any way. In fact, it is actually smart to have more than one wedding registry – and mostly because it will provide your guests with multiple options to choose from when it comes to what gift to buy you.
  • You shouldn’t have a registry if you are already living together. Just because you’re already living together, it doesn’t mean that you have all the items you need in order to make your home a beautiful, welcoming place.
  • You have to keep it low-priced. No, you don’t have to. Actually, what you do have to is to pick items that cover a wide range of prices so that everyone can afford buying you a present. That doesn’t mean that you will be considered to be “tacky” if you choose some items that are a bit pricier.
  • You cannot choose “fun” items. You can choose fun items and not be 100% “practical”. Even more than that, it is perfectly OK to include fun activities for the honeymoon too. After all, the “purpose” of all these gifts is to “set you up” as a newly married couple – and if you want this “set up” to be fun, that’s more than fine!

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Having these conversations with your wedding vendors are a must!

Hiring the best wedding vendors for the Big Day is crucial – and if you want any unpleasant surprises, you should definitely make sure to ask them the right questions. What are some of the most important conversations you should have with your vendors? Read on and find out more.


  • The photographer. Ask your photographer if he will be the one shooting on the day-of. Also, ask him if he has a backup plan for rainy weather and/or illness too. Furthermore, don’t forget to ask your photographer if he will own the copyright to the photos, if he shoots more than one wedding/day and/or if he can show you a photo album of previous weddings he worked on.
  • With small variations, the same questions apply to other vendors too. For instance, you should ask your baker if he has a backup plan in case he cannot show up and you should ask your florist if he can show you examples of previous work too.
  • When it comes to the wedding dress, you should make sure to ask about the final fitting and the final delivery. Also, keep in mind the fact that you want enough time between these two deliveries – just in case any other alterations have to be made.
  • The venue. First and foremost, ask your venue if they are licensed for civil ceremonies. Furthermore, ask them if you will have exclusive access to the wedding, if you can bring in your own vendors, how many guests you can invite and if the venue can provide them with accommodation, how you will have to pay and whether or not there are any restrictions.

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Are you a Star Wars fan? Make your wedding dream theme come true!

Weddings are more than often considered to be traditional, formal affairs that have to follow certain “rules”. However, that is not true anymore. These days, you can have your wedding in whatever way you like – and this includes centering it around a Star Wars theme too.


If you are the biggest Star War fans, you will definitely love the following ideas because they can be perfectly incorporated into a Star War-themed wedding. Read on and inspire yourself:

  • The rings. Did you know you can have custom wedding rings designed to be inspired by the famous series? From rings inspired by R2D2 to rings inspired by Han and Leia, there’s something for absolutely everyone out there. Moreover, if you want a special “spot” for your rings until they get on your fingers, you could have some fun with a pair of R2D2 ring holders too.
  • The exit. Instead of sparklers, rice or flower petals, have your guests hold “light sabers” as you walk out of the ceremony as husband and wife. This will be really awesome and it will surely look amazing in the pictures!
  • The aisle runner. Create an aisle runner inspired by the famous Star Wars intro – but instead of the story, write down your “rules” for this marriage or a dedication of love to each other.
  • The photos. Thanks to modern technology and software, you can be more than creative here. Have your photographer photoshop you in a Star Wars scene or hovering above the ground under the influence of the force and you will have tons of fun with your wedding photos.

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Every bride has a feminine side, bring some feminism to your wedding!

Although we have come a long way when it comes to women’s rights, the harsh truth is that a lot of people are still bound to traditions and customs that have nothing to do with feminism (on the contrary, actually). It is often believed that weddings are probably among the most “anti-feminist” life events – but that doesn’t have to be so. In fact, you can bring some feminism into your wedding if you and your future spouse feel that this is the right way to do it – and there’s nobody to stop you from this.


How to do it? Here are some useful tips to help you make your wedding more feminist.

  • Choose the right officiant. Make sure he/she will not say anything about traditional gender roles during the ceremony. After all, his/her words are the foundation of your beliefs when it comes to marriage and the last thing you want is to hear an officiant saying things you do not believe in.
  • Avoid the “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith” labels. From cake toppers to projections, we very often witness labels that place the woman behind the man – and that’s definitely not OK if both of you are convinced feminists.
  • You don’t have to wear a white wedding dress. The white wedding dress tradition is just a couple hundreds of years old – but it has become so commonly spread that everyone thinks that it’s an absolute “must” for a bride. Keep it in mind though: the white wedding dress was a sign of a woman’s virginity when she got married – and this is something you probably don’t believe in. Feel free to wear whatever color you want because, after all, this is your Big Day.

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Choose an alternative to rice for your wedding “Send-Off”

If you are like most brides and grooms in the world, you want your wedding to be beautiful, unique and absolutely unforgettable. This means that you will have to pay a lot of attention to all the details involved in the Big Day – from the very beginning to the very end.


If you are searching for some unique alternative ideas for your wedding “Send-Off”, you have come to the right place. Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise has put together a list of inspiring ideas you can use, so make sure to read on and find out more.

  • Dry lavender. If you plan on having a rustic-chic wedding, giving your guests dry lavender petals to toss instead of the traditional rice is a great idea. Plus, it will fill the air with an almost magical fragrance!
  • If you want to add a really childish touch to your wedding exit, balloons are a really great choice. Even more than that, if you plan on having a beach wedding, you can replace the balloons with beach balls too. Fun, colorful and full of joy!
  • Your wedding is a huge celebration and if you want to feel it this way even when you bid your farewell, glitter is a great choice. Provide your guests with small bottles of glitter to toss on you and your spouse when you exit and it will look marvelous in the photos.
  • If you want to be even more “celebratory” than that, sparklers are a beautiful choice – especially if you plan on having an evening wedding that will extend into the night.

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Make sure you are aware of some of the top hidden wedding costs!

Planning a wedding can be quite difficult – and even more so when you have to be really attentive to how much money you spend. Thankfully, these days you can actually have an unforgettable wedding day without leaving a whole in your budget.


However, if you want to plan your wedding budget in an accurate way, you should make sure that you take into consideration the so-called “hidden costs” as well. Here are some of the top ones:

  • The overtime costs. When booking your DJ, band, videographer and/or photographer, make sure you know exactly for how many hours you hire them. Most of these wedding vendors will tax you more if they have to spend extra-time at your wedding, so you should be more than aware of this.
  • Simple postage stamps don’t cost that much. However, if you settle for very intricate boxed invitations, you may wake up spending a lot more money on sending them than you had thought you would. If you want to save some money, pick simpler designs with beautiful patterns and graphics on them.
  • Alright, this is not exactly “hidden”, but you should make sure that you know how much is appropriate to tip. Even more, you should make sure to check the contract and see if the gratuities have not been included there.
  • Wedding dress alterations. Once you buy the gown, you will most likely have to alter it in a way that makes it 100% suitable for your body. While this is a cost you cannot actually avoid, you should at least make sure to include it in your wedding budget when you create one.

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How are you going to incorporate that something blue into your wedding?

If you want to stick to the tradition of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”, you may want to give it a more modern twist as well. What are some of the best ideas on how incorporate your “something blue”? Read on and inspire yourself:


  • Your shoes. This is probably one of the easiest ways to incorporate something blue into your attire without breaking away from tradition too much. These days, you can buy fully customized shoes too, so if you are keen on having them in a very specific shade, it can definitely be done. Even more, a pop of color underneath your white wedding gown will look splendid!
  • Other accessories. If you want a discrete way of incorporating something blue into your attire, picking accessories with a bit of blue on them is a great idea. Your jewelry, your wedding band, your wedding dress belt or sash and even your veil can have a blue tint to them.
  • Your bouquet. Who is to say you need white or red roses or peonies for your bouquet? Your options are almost limitless when it comes to your main bridal accessory – and they will surely include a lot of blue variants as well. From naturally blue flowers to spray painted blue roses, there’s something for every type of bride. Even more than that, you can incorporate your something blue in the bouquet’s wrap as well, so you can really use your creativity when it comes to this.
  • The gown. Who is to say you absolutely have to stick to a white wedding gown? These days, designers have come with some absolutely gorgeous blue options as well – and if you are ready to break away from tradition, they will make for a wonderful choice!

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Have you ever thought about a tattoo in replace of your wedding ring?

Wedding rings are symbols of a couple’s love and commitment. Thus, it doesn’t really matter what material they are made from or even how pricy they are. If you want to “seal” your wedding vows with something truly unique (and very permanent), a tattoo “wedding ring” can be a great idea. What are some of the most important things to know about this? Read on and find out more.


  • Choose a simple design, not a very intricate one. Usually, couples go for simple “bands” tattoos on their ring fingers, the date they married, Roman numerals for a date that is meaningful for them and other similar designs. Going for a very intricate design may not be a good idea especially because it will most likely not look good (remember that this is a fairly small tattoo so details will not show as well as on other parts of the body!).
  • Furthermore, if you decide to go for this option, keep in mind the fact that it may be a bit painful. Most specialists agree with the fact that finger tattoos tend to be more painful than tattoos in other areas of the body because the fingers have a lot of nerve endings.
  • Also, take into consideration the fact that finger tattoos can be short-lived as well – mostly because we tend to use our hands a lot (working, washing, and so on). If you don’t want your wedding ring tattoo to look faded after a while, choose something a bit larger and more “obvious” (but still stick to a very simple design).

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Does your best man know his duties?

Being a best man is a huge honor for any friend – but, like all honors, it comes with responsibilities as well. If you want to make sure your best man knows his duties, check with the following list because it will definitely help you clear things out.


  • The best man should help the groom with a variety of tasks before and during the wedding. He will help him choose his formalwear and he will also coordinate the other best men’s rentals as well. Furthermore, he will coordinate most of the duties attributed to the other best men too.
  • The best man should be the main bachelor part organizer. Of course, he is more than free to task other best men with planning-related issues (especially since most of them will not mind this at all).
  • The best man has to keep the bride’s ring during the ceremony. He should make sure the ring is safely deposited until the groom has to place it on his bride’s finger. Also, the best man has to sign the marriage license.
  • The best man is expected to dance with the maid or matron of honor and he is also expected to dance with the bride as well. Furthermore, he is expected to give the first toast at the wedding reception.
  • The best man will also have to collect gift envelopes from guests and deposit them in the couple’s bank account. Also, he will have to decorate the getaway car (and sometimes to drive it away as well) and he might be tasked to pay some of the wedding vendors and/or the officiant (which happens right after the ceremony).

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As the Maid-of-Honor make sure you give a flawless speech!

Being a Maid-of-Honor is an amazing thing – but it also comes with responsibilities you’ll have to shoulder as gracefully as possible. One of the main duties you will have on your friend’s Big Day is making sure that you deliver a flawless, emotional and beautiful speech. How to do this? Here are some tips to help you out:


  • Start well-ahead of time. Don’t let your speech for the “night before”. Make sure to start thinking of it as soon as you are “delegated” with the “title” and you will not have to face the panic of not having anything as the wedding day approaches. Also, when you finally get down to writing the speech, remind yourself to keep it short and as sweet as possible.
  • Humor is more than accepted. However, make sure you don’t make any kind of inappropriate jokes related to the bride, the groom, their parents or anyone else for that matter. Also, don’t forget to take your “audience” into consideration. If most of the wedding guests are rather “formal”, you might want to keep your jokes at a minimum.
  • If you don’t know where to start, read some quotes. They will inspire you – and some of them will be so good that you’ll want to include them in the speech too. Also, never be afraid of the “blank page” in front of your eyes. Simply start writing and “curate” later on.
  • Don’t forget to include the groom in your speech too! Now, everyone knows that you’re the bride’s best friend. But, in one way or another, the groom is your friend too – and he’s most definitely a very important person for your bride. Make sure to say something nice about him as well!

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