The wedding camping ideas will surely surprise you!

Weddings are traditionally held in very “formal” environments (such as elegant wedding venues or ballrooms). However, that doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to follow the same wedding pattern too.


In fact, if you want your Big Day to be inspired by those fun moments you spent camping, you should definitely go for it. Here are some really nice ideas to incorporate into your “wedding camping” theme even if you don’t actually “camp out” for your Big Day.

  • Wooden invitations. Bring pieces of nature in your invitations and you will surely arouse your guests’ curiosity. You can either choose to have paper invitations that are printed with a wood-like design or you can choose to have invitations made out of actual wood.
  • S’mores. If this doesn’t say “camping” we don’t know what does! Bring S’mores into your wedding favors, on your wedding dessert bar or even into your wedding cake and your guests will definitely be happy with your choice. This is the kind of sweet treat everyone loves, so there’s absolutely no reason not to go for it.
  • Create a lounge area – and sprinkle it with camp site-related motifs. From “Indian tents” to wooden barrels, there are a lot of items you can bring into your wedding lounge area. Use your creativity and you will come up with something that’s truly unique and memorable!

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Have you chosen names for your signature cocktails yet? Try some of these ideas:

Having one or two signature cocktails at your wedding is a great way to add some uniqueness to the entire party – and your guests will definitely love the idea. What cocktail names to choose for the Big Day, though? We have put together some of the best ideas out there – so if you need some inspiration, make sure to read on and find out more.


  • Use clever puns to “shift” the classic cocktail names towards a more “wedding-like” atmosphere. For instance, instead of serving a simple Mojito, you could serve a “Mint to Be Mojito”.
  • If you are a big fan of the Bloody Marry, cocktail, “re-brand” it to suit your wedding and call it “Bloody Marry Me”. This is perfect for a wedding themed around shades of red or for a Halloween wedding.
  • Want a fruity cocktail for your wedding? Serve your guests with an Appletini and re-name it “Apple-tini of My Eye”. This is a cute idea everyone will surely love!
  • If you want a more “casual” type of drink for your Big Day, beer will make for the perfect choice. Select good beers to serve your guests and name them “Ale You Need Is Love”. This works really good with personalized Mason Jars and rustic/outdoor weddings.
  • And if you want a more exotic cocktail for your wedding, a Mai Tai will definitely please you. Re-name it “Mai Tai the Knot” and it will instantly receive a more wedding-oriented appeal.

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Do you spray tan? Make sure it doesn’t come off on your wedding gown!

Beauty standards have changed a lot over the course of the centuries – and if white skin was an true “asset” one hundred years ago, these days most ladies will want a beautifully tanned skin. Thankfully, you don’t have to “burn” yourself up to achieve this and you can always use spray tans that look really beautiful and natural.


How do you make sure your spray tan doesn’t come off on your wedding gown though? Here are some tips you may want to keep in mind:

  • Modern, qualitative self-tanning lotions do not come off as easily as some may be tempted to believe. As long as you make sure to invest in something that is of a genuine high quality, the chances that it comes off on your wedding gown are more than minimal.
  • Furthermore, you should make sure to take the first layer of color off before the Big Day. This means that it is best to apply the spray tan one day before the actual wedding day. For instance, if you get married on a Sunday, applying the spray tan on Friday will leave plenty of time for it to “soak” into the skin and really “stick” there so that it doesn’t come off on your wedding gown.
  • Last, but definitely not least, make sure you peel your skin before applying the spray tan. Although this does not necessarily help with avoiding stains on your white dress, it does help with avoiding stains on your skin.

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Can you asks for money instead of gifts for your wedding?

Of course, weddings are not all about wedding gifts – but starting your life together on the right foot does sound like a nice idea. If you are like many couples out there, you may wonder whether or not it is OK to ask for money instead of traditional registry gifts at your wedding. We have gathered some important tips about this – so make sure to read on f you want to find out more.


  • ·         In general, the more traditional people will say that it is tacky to ask for money at a wedding. However, if you have your reasons to do this (such as saving money for a mortgage down payment, for example), it is more than OK to ask your guests for money instead of gifts.
  • ·         Make sure you don’t inform them of this on your own though. In general, appointing someone to deal with spreading the news is a great idea (and most of the times this “someone” will be the Mother of the Groom, the Mother of the Bride and/or the Maid of Honor).
  • ·         Also, trust someone to collect the envelopes that may be received at the wedding reception  too. Most of the times, this person can be the Best Man (but you are more than free to choose anyone else too).
  • ·         Don’t think of how much each guest will give you. After all, it is the gesture that counts and, same as with wedding registry gifts, people will try to stick within their budgets. Be understanding of this and judge nobody for how much they can offer!

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Add a modern touch to your wedding with a bit of style!

Although weddings are generally considered to be formal events, the truth is that many brides and grooms these days choose to leave tradition aside and settle for things that truly make them happy with how their Big Day has turned out.


For example, wearing black on your wedding day has long been considered to be a complete “don’t”. However, the truth is that a touch of black can add modernity, style and elegance to your wedding. Why would you do it and what options do you have? Read on and find out more.

  • You don’t have to go “all black” with your wedding look if you don’t want to. For example, you could accessorize your white wedding dress with a pair of glamorous black heels or with a beautiful vintage black belt as well. This will add dimension and style to your wedding look and it will look absolutely gorgeous.
  • If you think plain black accessories will look dull, you can always choose shoes, belts or hair accessories that are embellished with stones or glitter that makes them really shine and look very stylish at the same time too.
  • If you want to, you can even have a black wedding dress too – and there’s nobody who should stop you from doing this if it makes you feel good. In fact, wedding trends have changed so much over the past few years that even some of the world’s greatest wedding gown designers have come up with black or black-and-white versions for their creations.

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Don’t be the victim of these wedding gift myths!

Although you may not be planning a wedding just for the sole purpose of receiving gifts, the truth is that even this can turn into a source of stress if you don’t know exactly how to handle the entire wedding registry “affair”.


What are some of the most common wedding gift registry myths you should avoid? Read on and find out more.

  • It’s not OK to have a wedding registry at more than one store. You might be tempted to believe that etiquette rules dictate that you have one wedding registry at one However, this is not actually true in any way. In fact, it is actually smart to have more than one wedding registry – and mostly because it will provide your guests with multiple options to choose from when it comes to what gift to buy you.
  • You shouldn’t have a registry if you are already living together. Just because you’re already living together, it doesn’t mean that you have all the items you need in order to make your home a beautiful, welcoming place.
  • You have to keep it low-priced. No, you don’t have to. Actually, what you do have to is to pick items that cover a wide range of prices so that everyone can afford buying you a present. That doesn’t mean that you will be considered to be “tacky” if you choose some items that are a bit pricier.
  • You cannot choose “fun” items. You can choose fun items and not be 100% “practical”. Even more than that, it is perfectly OK to include fun activities for the honeymoon too. After all, the “purpose” of all these gifts is to “set you up” as a newly married couple – and if you want this “set up” to be fun, that’s more than fine!

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Having these conversations with your wedding vendors are a must!

Hiring the best wedding vendors for the Big Day is crucial – and if you want any unpleasant surprises, you should definitely make sure to ask them the right questions. What are some of the most important conversations you should have with your vendors? Read on and find out more.


  • The photographer. Ask your photographer if he will be the one shooting on the day-of. Also, ask him if he has a backup plan for rainy weather and/or illness too. Furthermore, don’t forget to ask your photographer if he will own the copyright to the photos, if he shoots more than one wedding/day and/or if he can show you a photo album of previous weddings he worked on.
  • With small variations, the same questions apply to other vendors too. For instance, you should ask your baker if he has a backup plan in case he cannot show up and you should ask your florist if he can show you examples of previous work too.
  • When it comes to the wedding dress, you should make sure to ask about the final fitting and the final delivery. Also, keep in mind the fact that you want enough time between these two deliveries – just in case any other alterations have to be made.
  • The venue. First and foremost, ask your venue if they are licensed for civil ceremonies. Furthermore, ask them if you will have exclusive access to the wedding, if you can bring in your own vendors, how many guests you can invite and if the venue can provide them with accommodation, how you will have to pay and whether or not there are any restrictions.

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Are you a Star Wars fan? Make your wedding dream theme come true!

Weddings are more than often considered to be traditional, formal affairs that have to follow certain “rules”. However, that is not true anymore. These days, you can have your wedding in whatever way you like – and this includes centering it around a Star Wars theme too.


If you are the biggest Star War fans, you will definitely love the following ideas because they can be perfectly incorporated into a Star War-themed wedding. Read on and inspire yourself:

  • The rings. Did you know you can have custom wedding rings designed to be inspired by the famous series? From rings inspired by R2D2 to rings inspired by Han and Leia, there’s something for absolutely everyone out there. Moreover, if you want a special “spot” for your rings until they get on your fingers, you could have some fun with a pair of R2D2 ring holders too.
  • The exit. Instead of sparklers, rice or flower petals, have your guests hold “light sabers” as you walk out of the ceremony as husband and wife. This will be really awesome and it will surely look amazing in the pictures!
  • The aisle runner. Create an aisle runner inspired by the famous Star Wars intro – but instead of the story, write down your “rules” for this marriage or a dedication of love to each other.
  • The photos. Thanks to modern technology and software, you can be more than creative here. Have your photographer photoshop you in a Star Wars scene or hovering above the ground under the influence of the force and you will have tons of fun with your wedding photos.

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Every bride has a feminine side, bring some feminism to your wedding!

Although we have come a long way when it comes to women’s rights, the harsh truth is that a lot of people are still bound to traditions and customs that have nothing to do with feminism (on the contrary, actually). It is often believed that weddings are probably among the most “anti-feminist” life events – but that doesn’t have to be so. In fact, you can bring some feminism into your wedding if you and your future spouse feel that this is the right way to do it – and there’s nobody to stop you from this.


How to do it? Here are some useful tips to help you make your wedding more feminist.

  • Choose the right officiant. Make sure he/she will not say anything about traditional gender roles during the ceremony. After all, his/her words are the foundation of your beliefs when it comes to marriage and the last thing you want is to hear an officiant saying things you do not believe in.
  • Avoid the “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith” labels. From cake toppers to projections, we very often witness labels that place the woman behind the man – and that’s definitely not OK if both of you are convinced feminists.
  • You don’t have to wear a white wedding dress. The white wedding dress tradition is just a couple hundreds of years old – but it has become so commonly spread that everyone thinks that it’s an absolute “must” for a bride. Keep it in mind though: the white wedding dress was a sign of a woman’s virginity when she got married – and this is something you probably don’t believe in. Feel free to wear whatever color you want because, after all, this is your Big Day.

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Choose an alternative to rice for your wedding “Send-Off”

If you are like most brides and grooms in the world, you want your wedding to be beautiful, unique and absolutely unforgettable. This means that you will have to pay a lot of attention to all the details involved in the Big Day – from the very beginning to the very end.


If you are searching for some unique alternative ideas for your wedding “Send-Off”, you have come to the right place. Nina’s Dandy Potomac Party Cruise has put together a list of inspiring ideas you can use, so make sure to read on and find out more.

  • Dry lavender. If you plan on having a rustic-chic wedding, giving your guests dry lavender petals to toss instead of the traditional rice is a great idea. Plus, it will fill the air with an almost magical fragrance!
  • If you want to add a really childish touch to your wedding exit, balloons are a really great choice. Even more than that, if you plan on having a beach wedding, you can replace the balloons with beach balls too. Fun, colorful and full of joy!
  • Your wedding is a huge celebration and if you want to feel it this way even when you bid your farewell, glitter is a great choice. Provide your guests with small bottles of glitter to toss on you and your spouse when you exit and it will look marvelous in the photos.
  • If you want to be even more “celebratory” than that, sparklers are a beautiful choice – especially if you plan on having an evening wedding that will extend into the night.

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