Are pets an important part of your life? Create a “Paw of Honor”

For many of us, dogs are more than just mere pets. They are the best friends and part of the family. So naturally, many couples want to include their favorite furry friends into their wedding too. How to do this and what are the most important things to take into consideration? Read on and find out more.


  • There are many ways a puppy (young or old) can be included in the wedding. He/she can act as the ring bearer, as the flower girl and even as the Maid of Honor or Best Man too. There are tons of options when it comes to dressing your pooch up for the Big Day – so that should definitely not be a problem.
  • If you decide you absolutely want to include your pet in the wedding, make sure the wedding venue is OK with that. Some of them may have very specific rules when it comes to dogs (and other pets). Also, keep in mind that you might want to take your doggy to the venue before the wedding day, so that he/she gets accustomed with the place.
  • Make sure you give your pup plenty of opportunities to do his “business” before the Big Day. The last thing you want is stepping into something as you walk down the aisle.
  • Take care of your furry friend. Feed your dog in advance and at the end of the day. Also, even if your pup is very well-behaved, you should leave it into the hands of someone with whom he/she is familiar with. Furthermore, keep your pooch entertained throughout the wedding day. If you want to, you can give guests doggy treats to “thank” your puppy for his/her tricks.
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Create your wedding with a modern touch by creating custom hashtags and wedding websites

Up until not very long ago, weddings used to be very formal, traditional events. However, as more and more couples choose to tear themselves apart from tradition and do it the “modern way”, weddings have become much more informal.


One of the best ways to bring your wedding into the modern age is by including modern age technologies in it – and not just in terms of lighting and music, but also in terms of entertainment and wedding planning too. For example having your very own custom hashtags and having your own wedding website are both amazing ideas – and here are the reasons why:

  • Custom hashtags are great because everyone will want to share photos of your wedding on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Having a custom hashtag will allow them to personalize what they post (and it will also allow you and all the other guests “centralize” the photos and videos created by those who post them on their social media accounts).
  • A wedding website is a brilliant wedding planning tool. You can use it to centralize the RSVPS (and thus make it extremely easy for your guests to submit their answers) and you can also use it to provide your guests with all the information they need in order to get to your wedding too. Also, you can use your wedding website to keep everyone up-to-date on your wedding planning process as well.
  • Both of these options are extremely easy to follow and they will not take much of your time. The custom hashtag can be created in a matter of minutes (and you can share it on your social media accounts and include it in your wedding stationery too, so that people can use it).
  • Even more than that, a wedding website does not have to be expensive and it can be created in less than 10 minutes as well. There are many services online that allow you to customize your own website in an easy-to-understand way and they will not charge more than a few tens of dollars either.

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Photo Booths are a great way to entertain guests at your wedding, here are some reasons why:

As the host/hostess of your wedding, you want your guests to feel really great. Of course, providing them with delicious food, creating a nice décor for your venue and making sure the music your DJ plays is suitable for all tastes are all important parts of being a great host. But if you want to add even more fun to your wedding, having a photo booth would be an amazing choice. Why? Here are some of the best reasons:


  • Everyone loves taking pictures of themselves. We live in the era of “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “selfies” – and people love taking pictures of themselves and sharing them with their friends. Of course, your photographer will take pictures of everyone at the wedding – but a photo booth will provide instant “results” your guests can have fun with.
  • Photo booths are highly customizable. Regardless of what wedding theme you may choose and regardless of where exactly you plan to have your wedding, a photo booth can perfectly fit into your wedding. From booths themed around the same idea as the wedding (“vintage” photo booths, for example) to booths themed around your favorite movie or video game, everything is possible these days!
  • They are an inexpensive, fun addition. If budget is your primary concern, rest assured that renting a photo booth will not push your financial boundaries. According to what type of photo booth you want (and for how long you want it too), the prices for renting a photo booth can get really low – so you can definitely afford it too.

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Signs can make a statement, here are some you should definitely think about getting for your wedding:

Every wedding is beautiful in its own way – and every bride wants her wedding to be as unique as her love story is. Wedding signs are a great addition to any type of wedding, regardless of the theme you choose. They can be fun, they can make a statement and they can personalize your wedding in ways nothing else can do. If you are searching for some great ideas for your wedding signs, take a look at the following list because it will surely inspire you!


  • If you have pets and if you want to include them in your wedding, have them carry a funny sign saying “my humans are getting married”. This is so adorable nobody will be able to resist the temptation of petting your puppy or cat!
  • Make sure to include some signs that guide your guests through the venue as well. You can either make them simple (and simply write “reception venue”, “ceremony site” and so on) or you can use funny puns instead. For instance, instead of “ceremony” you can write “I Do” and instead of “reception” you can write “I Did”.
  • Have your flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s) carry a sign too. They can say humorous things such as “I want cake so hurry up” or “please turn off your phones”. Also, the children’s signs can be a great way to thank your guests for attending your wedding too!
  • Be creative, really. Guests love intelligent, quirky signs regardless of how formal or informal your wedding may be. Use your imagination, think of the things you love and you’ll definitely come up with your own unique, humorous “one liners” for your wedding signs too!

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Modern weddings are becoming very popular! Here are some bouquet ideas for yours:

The bouquet a bride chooses can make or break her entire look –so make sure you pay attention to how you pick yours as well. If you are searching for some ideas to inspire you, take a look at some of the following modern wedding bouquet tips – you will definitely love at least one of them!


  • If you plan on having a really unique wedding, feathers can help you achieve that “WOW” every modern bride wants to hear from her guests. Bring together large, opulent feathers and create a “bouquet” with their help. You can use flowers as well or you can choose to stick with the feathers only. Also, you can spray-paint your feathers to fit your wedding colors or you can leave then “au naturel” as well.
  • Fan bouquet. This is a dramatic choice you will love especially if you want your wedding to be “over-the-top”, elegant and opulent. Ask your florist to create a fan bouquet by using your favorite flowers and a bit of lace and you will definitely impress everyone invited at the wedding.
  • A flower purse. Are you in love with fashion? Replace your traditional bouquet with a chic “flower purse”. You can either choose to have a “purse” created out of flowers (or decorated with flowers, for that matter) or you can choose to have an elegant purse that holds your favorite flowers inside – your choice. Either way, you will look stunning!
  • Planning on a beach wedding? There’s nothing more appropriate than seashells to show just how much you love the sea and the beach. Same as with the feathers, you can choose to go for a bouquet made entirely out of seashells or you can choose to simply incorporate some of them in a floral bouquet.

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Cocktails don’t always have to be cold! Take a look at some great hot cocktail ideas:

The winter may be on its way out, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to have hot drinks all throughout spring as well. In fact, considering the fact that most spring evenings get quite chilly, you will definitely want to consider the option of serving your guests with some unique, delicious hot cocktails too. If that’s something that crossed your mind, make sure to check out with the following ideas!


  • Hot cider, paired with honey, rum and marshmallows. This a true feast for anyone in love with the rich taste of the cider and with the sweet texture of the marshmallows!
  • Buttered hazelnut and whiskey. Some cream, some whiskey, some hazelnut syrup and a flavorful dash of cinnamon – this is what happiness must look like!
  • Whiskey mochacchino. Hot chocolate is an all-time favorite for people of all ages. For a wedding reception, pair it with cream and just a bit of whiskey for a taste everyone will love. Extra tip: try sweet versions of classic whiskey blends (such as the Red Turkey Jim Beam, for example). Also, if you want to serve white hot chocolate instead of the classic black, pair it with pumpkin syrup for a comforting and heart-melting taste all your guests will definitely appreciate.
  • Mulled wine. This is a hot classic everyone loves. The best thing about it is that it can come in whatever variation you enjoy most (from white wine to red wine and from dry wine to sweet wine) and that you can blend it with a variety of spices and toppings: cinnamon, nutmeg, pears, apples, oranges, lemons and so on.

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Should you wear your hair up or down on your wedding day? Most sources point to down, here is why:

Your wedding day is special from every single point of view and, as the Queen of this day, you will want to look perfect. Aside from your wedding gown, accessories and bouquet, your hair can play a very important role in making you feel drop-dead-gorgeous. Many of you may ask yourselves whether wearing your hair up would be better than letting it down for the Big Day, but the truth is that most of the sources point out the exact opposite. Why should you wear your hair down instead of up? Here are some of the things you will want to know about this:


  • Up do’s are sometimes recommended because they are more rigorous and they are generally considered to be more suitable for formal/elegant events. However, keep in mind the fact that up do’s are not for everyone and that such a hairstyle may not look as great on you as you would like to. If you actually want an up do, make sure you try it on first and see how it looks with the gown and makeup – this way, you will get a clearer idea on whether or not it is a better choice for you.
  • Letting your hair down is sexier and much more feminine. There are a lot of hairstyles that involve letting the hair down – and they all look glamorous, beautiful and really elegant. From large, vintage curls to sleek, modern hairstyles, there are many options to choose from – so that every bride feels like she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • If comfort is your main concern, keep in mind that a medium-length hairstyle with your hair down will actually be very comfortable. Even more than that, if you have very long hair, you can always choose to pull it away from the face with beautiful hair accessories so that you feel comfortable with your hairstyle throughout the entire day.

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Brides-maidzillas do exist! Here are some tips on how to handle it:

We have all grown familiar with the term “bridezilla” – a bride who has simply cracked under the pressure of wedding planning. However, what you might want to know is that bride-maidzillas are real too. Just as you, as a bride, can crack under the pressure at any point throughout the wedding planning process, your bridesmaids can feel anxious and stressed out too. How do you deal with a “bride-maidzilla”? Here are some tips to help you handle things as smoothly as possible:


  • Be open. Seriously, you are adults and you should behave like people who can shoulder the responsibility for your choices and actions. In other words, if you really want your bridesmaids to wear a certain color or if you really need their help with something, be open about it and tell them that this is your wedding and that you want it to be perfect.
  • Be a good friend. All of your bridesmaids understand that you are going through a lot right now – but you should understand the same thing about them too. After all, a lot of them help you with some of the most important things in your wedding – and that’s not an easy task any way you look at it.
  • “Use” your Maid of Honor. If you know that there will be a lot of questions and “quarrels”, ask your bridesmaids to take it to the Maid of Honor first. Most likely, she knows you best and she will know how to “relay” whatever messages your other friends might have. This way, you can focus on the other details of your wedding while dealing with your bridesmaids’ issues as well.

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Are you thinking of having a modern wedding? Then check out this color scheme that is sure to please:

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect from every single point of view. Choosing a color scheme is, of course, one of the most important steps in making sure everything is well “tied-up” together. If you want a modern wedding, blue and green will surely make for a great color palette. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate this into your wedding:


  • Icy blue bridesmaids’ dresses. Choose knee-length bridesmaids’ dresses designs they will be able to wear again. If they don’t like the color, they can always dye the dress black after the Big Day so that they can wear the beautiful dress on other occasions too.
  • A modern blue and green cake with geometric designs. Go for a white fondant-covered cake decorated with geometric shapes and your guests will be more than impressed. If you don’t want a traditional tiered cake, cupcakes are a great choice too – and they can be decorated in fun ways as well!
  • Create beautiful, modern-looking wedding invitations in green and blue. Whatever design you choose for the invitations, try to avoid the already traditional “calligraphic handwriting” style. Instead, go for bold, clear letters and for a stylized design that is inspired from the 21st century architecture.
  • Green and blue rock candy. The greatest quality of rock candy is its fabulous contemporary look. Serve your rock candies with a signature cocktail (in blue or green, of course) and the party will be truly unforgettable!

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“Will you marry me” is the big question, but how will you go about asking it? Here are some ideas:

Of all the questions you will ask in your life, none is more important than the “Will you marry me” one. If you are like most of the people out there, you will want this moment to be truly unique and magic. We have gathered some amazing ideas to inspire your proposal, so make sure to read on!


  • Visit the place where you met the first time. If that is possible, visit the place where you met him/her the first time. Ask someone around you to take a picture of the two of you; instead of posing though, get to one knee and propose. This is a very good way of making sure that the moment is “preserved” forever.
  • Do you and your loved one have a special show you would like to attend (or even a special movie)? Talk to the manager of the location before the event and ask him/her if he/she would allow you to get on stage and propose to your love. Believe it or not, a lot of the managers out there would be more than happy to be part of this beautiful surprise!
  • Write the big question on household items. You can use flower pots, water bottles or even simple refrigerator magnets. This is a really cute and romantic idea, especially if you know your lady is not expecting anything “glamorous”.
  • Go to a karaoke show with your loved one and sing “your song”. At the end of the song, get to one knee and propose to her in front of all those people! She will be more than surprised!

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